Zelden’s Deli and Desserts may be the newest deli in town, but we have a deep connection to the Toronto deli scene going back to the 1980s. We learned the trade from Mama Z, the matriarch of our family’s successful Thornhill deli, Zelys deli. When you have our pastrami, you are tasting the spicy and delicious results of her hard work and passion passed down to us!
Zelys was the real deal, an authentic Jewish-style deli that delivered on quality, respect for tradition, and was steeped in the cooperation of family and friends. One visit to Zelden’s Deli & Desserts will show that not much has changed in these regards.
Continuing the Zelden family legacy, and revitalizing the deli scene in Toronto have been the two major motivations behind what we do Zelden’s deli and desserts. Midtown Toronto, specifically Yonge+St.Clair, seemed like the best place to get started.
As residents of the area, the Zelden family is excited for the role that the deli will play in the ongoing ‘re-boot’ of the neighbourhood.
We are the perfect blend of classic deli dishes and more modern dishes aimed at evolving the style. Housed in what can only be described as a jazzy, vintage-modern locale- we are the Evolution of Deli.

Midtown has Spoken! And Irene and Shelley were listening. The community needs a Authentic Just walking in you can see both the way that you can rely on the expectations of traditional deli quality, but also a fresh new look and revitalized dishes.
The History was born from the classic Toronto Deli scene that was around in the 1980’s . The Zelden family is strives to continue serving the same quality meats and other deli products knowing from experience thats exactly what the community hungers for. And while there is plenty cutting going on behind the counter, The Zelden’s don’t cut corners, they know they’re customers won’t stand for it, and neither will they.
The best meals that Bubbe and Zaydee would serve, but now modern, bold and fresh.

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